Pine Meadow Dressage

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There are 10 acres of pasture seeded with fescue and separated into six paddocks, each containing heated automatic water units.  All fencing is 3-rail PVC.



Large back pasture is 4.5 acres and is partially wooded (hence the name Pine Meadow).  This is a good view of how the house and barn are attached with a breezeway between garage and tack room.  On the second floor you can walk from the bonus room over the garage to the front door of the apartment over the barn.
On the left is the large back paddock.  To the right are two single turnout paddocks.  Electric fencing exists on both sides of the adjacent paddocks to limit contact of horses over fences.





There are two grass paddocks in the front of the house/barn on either side of the driveway.  Horses are turned out in small groups of 2-4.




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